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Our mission and values

We put our customers first. Therefore, we will reply to every email we get and we will take any suggestion or complaint into consideration when about to make an update.
We have created Web Reaper with the one and only purpose to ease marketers' jobs. This is our main goal in the industry and it will never change.
Apart from improving the marketing industry, we aim to save time. We have created Web Reaper as a necessity for those who never find the time to complete their projects on time.

Our location

Web Reaper

We do not operate an actual office, so contact us by email and phone.

+1 (0) 452 873 4811

Most common questions and answers

1Do I need any experience?
To give you a quick and simple answer, no. This is one of our goals – creating a web scanning tool that anyone can use. It makes no difference if you work in marketing and search engine optimization for over 20 years, just like it makes no difference if you have just started to do it. Our tool requires no experience at all.
2How fast is Web Reaper?
Web Reaper will save you lots of time – no doubt about it. How much? It depends on you. To some people, researching keywords and meta tags may take days. To others, it may take weeks. It also depends on the scale of a project. All in all, Web Reaper will do all these within minutes only, so it will save you a fortune.
3Can I upgrade my plan?
Absolutely. Our plans do not come with contracts. Instead, you will pay on a monthly basis. Feel free to upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you feel like. The change will not occur straight away, but over the next month. In other words, you will be stuck with the current plan until the end of your monthly run.
4How many keywords can Web Reaper find for me?
This is one of the most common questions we get and unfortunately, we can never provide a clear answer. How come? Easy! It depends on the scale of your project, as well as the industry or niche. In some industries, small projects can barely get a few keywords. If you run a big one, you will get plenty of them.
5Can I use Web Reaper in SEO?
A more efficient search engine optimization campaign is one of the reasons wherefore we have created Web Reaper. We know that each project is unique and requires a completely different approach. We also know that SEO is not pure science, so you might need to achieve things through trial and error – Web Reaper will eliminate all these.
6What else can I get except for keywords?
We know that keywords still dominate the search engine optimization industry. We also know that other elements of SEO must go hand in hand or the whole project will collapse. With these aspects in mind, Web Reaper works like a web scanning tool that provides a plethora of other information – more importantly, meta tags.

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