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Developed using the CodeJock Xtreme Toolkit


Slip is a small slideshow application, which can be used to view pictures in a directory tree. Command-line parameters are:

slip [-a] [-x] [-n] [directory]

  • -a starts Slip in auto-mode, where the pictures will cycle automatically with a few seconds' delay before the next is shown.
  • -x will maximise Slip on startup, removing borders, titlebar, etc.
  • -n starts Slip in 'Tiled' mode, where n is the number of times the window is split. So, for example, a value of 1 will show two images at a time, and a value of 2 will show 4 images at a time.
  • directory - the starting directory to scan for images. Note that all sub-directories will be scanned too. If no directory is specified, the current working folder will be used.

Various keys perform certain actions once the slideshow is running. To see these, right-click on the app - the associated keyboard short-cuts are shown with the various options.


TV is a small viewer for watching movies on your PC. I wrote it to use for watching Video CDs on my laptop on the train, so it has feature such as disabling the screensaver whilst the movie's playing, and remembering the current point in the film when the application was closed so you can continue watching from where you last left off.

Start the application passing either a movie filename or a directory name (which will be scanned for movies) as a command-line argument. Alternatively, drag and drop a file/ directory onto the app. Keys/Functions are as follows:

  • Space - Starts the first movie playing, or moves onto the next one in the list if a directory was selected.
  • Backspace - Returns to the start of the movie.
  • Up/Down - Accelerates/slows the speed of play by a factor of 5.
  • Left/Right - FF/Rewind skip.
  • P - Toggle pause
  • Enter - Toggle fullscreen mode
  • Tab - Toggle fill window/maintain aspect ratio
  • Escape - Fast close window ('Boss' key)

Note - requires the Microsoft Windows Media Player 7.


WebCoster is a little application I wrote to monitor my dial-up status. It's a system tray applet which shows whether a dial-up connection is currently open or not, and which calculates your call charges for you.

The red indicator turns to green when connected, and monitors the call cost using the time of day and parameters for call rates which can be entered on the command line. Peak, off-peak (6pm-6am) and weekend call charges can be entered.

WebCoster in action

By adding the application to your startup group it'll run all of the time. Set the 'working directory' to a location in which you'd like the log (phone.log) of phone calls and costs to be created.

Note that you'll need Windows 98 or NT 4 (or later) to use WebCoster. Please note too that this is just a little application I wrote for my own use - a few people wanted a copy so I've put it on the website.


These two applications are unsupported, unwarranted and supplied 'as is' - if they don't work please don't expect me to fix them...

Description Download Version Release Date Size
Slip - slideshow Slip n/a 13th Feb 2001 113k
TV - movie viewer TV n/a 12th Feb 2001 113k
WebCoster - dial-up monitor WebCoster n/a 12th Feb 2001 115k

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