The Tree Pane

The tree pane shows the overall hierarchical structure of the pages and objects that WebReaper has found and downloaded. The top item in the tree is the root link, and is the first file found at the starting URL input into the toolbar. As the links on the first page are found, they become sub-items in the tree, and so on, until the download is complete.

Each page is shown in the tree with it's title, or just the URL if the page has not been downloaded. Binary objects (such as graphics, sounds files and so on) are shown with just their URLs. To switch off the titles and see just the URLs, uncheck the Link Titles option under the View menu.

Right-clicking on items in the tree will allow you to open items (either online or - if they've been downloaded - from the locall copy). You can also manually exclude items (and all of their sub-items) from the download.

The icons displayed with each object indicate the type of file; this is dependent on the file associations on your particular machine. So, for example, if you have WinZip installed on your machine, .Zip files will be displayed with the WinZip icon.

The icons also give an indication of the current status of the object. Icons overlaid with a green ticked circle have completed. Those with a red crossed circle failed, and items which are faded have been skipped.

Selecting an object in the tree pane gives more detailed information on that object and its children in the Details Pane.