GetRight Options

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GetRight® is an application by Headlight Software which allows resumable downloads of large files from websites and FTP sites. If you have GetRight® installed, WebReaper can work with it to help you download larger files easier by submitting particularly large files from a reaped site to the GetRight® download list.

The files will be downloaded and saved with the other files from the reaped site. WebReaper can therefore be used with GetRight to setup download lists of large file from a particular site, taking advantage of both WebReaper's powerful filtering and link-following features and GetRight's® flexible download options.


Use GetRight to download files larger than...

Turns GetRight support on/off, and sets the size, in Kilobytes, for the threshold above which files will be submitted to GetRight.

Note that any files submitted to GetRight will not be parsed for links - WebReaper will not follow links withing the files, and will not fix up any links contained within the files