The Details Pane

The details pane shows the current status information for all sub-links of the item selected in the Tree Pane.

Each item's URL (or title, if available) is shown, along with whatever data is available for it. As the item is downloaded, information such as object size, last modified time, and file type will be displayed. The information column shows the current status of the object, such as whether it has been downloaded, skipped or failed.

The icons displayed with each object indicate the type of file; this is dependent on the file associations on your particular machine. So, for example, if you have WinZip installed on your machine, .Zip files will be displayed with the WinZip icon.

The icons also give an indication of the current status of the object. Icons overlaid with a green ticked circle have completed. Those with a red crossed circle failed, and items which are faded have been skipped.