Command-Line Options

WebReaper can be started passing a URL as a command-line parameter, which will start the download process immediately. This feature can be used to initiate batch downloads using 3rd-party scheduling software.

The command-line argument '-q' will force the application to quit when the download (or downloads, if batch mode is used) are complete.

The command-line argument '-logurls' will turn on URL logging. During a WebReaper session, every distincy URL that is found will be logged to the file webreaper_url.log in the current directory from where WebReaper is running.

Batch Mode

WebReaper can be set to run in 'batch mode', where it will process a list of starting URLs, performing a full 'reap' on each URL in turn.

To do this, you must create a text file containing the list of URLs, one on each line. For example, list.txt:

If you now run "webreaper.exe list.txt", the URLs in the file will be processed in batch mode. Note that a batch file can also be made up of fully-specified filenames of URL profiles, making it possible to use a different filter configuration and save configuration for each item in the batch list.