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Version 10. Includes smart ordering, which should result in more pages completely downloading. Also includes support for downloading images embedded in CSS stylesheets.

If you like and use Webreaper, please consider making a donation towards the cost of its development and the costs of hosting this website. It's voluntary, and the amount is your choice, but if you can spare a few quid it would help me continue the development of the tool! Thanks!

Description Location Version Date Size
Download from SimTel.net WebReaper (recommended) SimTel.net 10 22th Mar 2006 1.2Mb
Download from Webreaper.net (slower than SimTel) WebReaper WebReaper.net 10 22th Mar 2006 1.2Mb
Download from WinSite.com WebReaper WinSite.com 9.3 9th Feb 2001 966Kb
Download from ZDNet WebReaper ZDNet 9.3 9th Feb 2001 966Kb

Important Note: Some users may experience a message telling them that MSVCR70.DLL is missing on their system. This is a Microsoft file which is installed on most Windows PCs. If you don't have it, you can download it by clicking here and once downloaded, copy the file to your Windows\System32 folder.

Note: Installing the new version will reset all stored registry data for Webreaper. If you have saved filters from a previous version which you wish to keep, please use the Export option on the Filter menu in and re-import the filters once the new version is installed.

PS, once you've downloaded your websites with webreaper, back them up with Mozy. Great online backup utility!

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