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Awards & Reviews

WebReaper has received some excellent reviews, and has also been included on many magazine cover CDs. Here are some of the things said about WebReaper:

Tucows Awarded WebReaper a rating of 3 Cows.

WebAttack reviewed WebReaper and awarded it 5 stars out of 5, Editor's choice.

ZDnet reviewed WebReaper and awarded it 5 stars out of 5.

    "Pros: Easy to Use, Attractive interface, Free, Highly configurable, Multithreading."
    "Cons: None"

Listed on PricelessWare, "The best of the best in Windows Freeware, as determined by the readers of alt.comp.freeware".

PC Format recommended WebReaper as a site 'mining' tool for quick and easy harvesting of websites to read offline. See the review here


RocketDownload awarded WebReaper 4 out of 5 'emotes'.

Freebit awarded WebReaper 5 stars and made it Freeware of the Day (1st September, 1999).

    "WebReaper has all the expected features"
    "it has powerful settings to include just the needed files"
SoftList says: GOOD!

SoftList, the Russian software archive, reviewed WebReaper v8 in June 2000 and awarded it their Good rating.

Windows Magazine put WebReaper into its Shareware Top 10 of February 1999.


Softland India Awarded WebReaper 5 stars and its Editor's Pick.

CNet Shareware.com awarded WebReaper v8 PC File of the Week for Aug 2, 2000.

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