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How To Choose The Correct Vape Juice?

Choosing the correct vaping liquid can be difficult when you are just a beginner. E-liquid flavors come in a wide range of variety with different concentration. To eliminate the addiction of cigarettes, vaping is suggested to the smokers; so they are offered tons of flavors to choose from, like fruity, dessert, tobacco, exotic, candy, etc. You need to find out the best flavor which is intensified when mixed up with the other ingredients of the e-liquid.

Ingredients of e-liquid

A single bottle of e-liquid has 95% Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), 5% combining the flavor, water, and nicotine which is optional. Propylene glycol gives a strong hit to the throat like the cigarette. Having a higher concentration of PG when you are switching to vaping from smoking would be helpful as it will make the process smooth. Later having a lower concentration of PG and higher of VG would aid in getting rid of smoking forever. VG also intensifies the flavor of the e-liquid.

You can buy a vape juice of your preferred flavor and concentration from www.eliquid-depot.com.

Suitable e-liquid

The e-liquid depends on the type of device you are going to use. There are mainly two categories of devices used, sub-ohm and mouth to lung.

The sub-ohm devices are more suitable for regular or experienced vapers. The devices have adjustable wattage settings and airflow which enables smooth vaping. Bigger e-liquid channels are present using less than 1.0-ohm resistance coils. They also produce dense vape clouds.

The mouth to lung or MTL devices is the most basic form of vaping and more like cigarettes and best suited to beginner vapers. They give a strong throat hit because of their ability to work with high nicotine concentration. 50% of PG is concentrated in these devices which are thinner-juices than others, and thus are more flavor-centric.

PG and VG ratio in e-juices

The ratio varies depends on the type of vaping you prefer.

  • If you want to get that sensation of hitting the back of the throat, you can go for a higher PG ratio. It happens due to the stronger nicotine concentration in the e-juice.
  • Stealth vaping is also another way in which you can use a higher concentration of PG. As a high concentration of PG produces fewer vapors, it is perfect for stealth vaping when you don’t want to draw your attention.
  • For smooth vaping with intense flavors, VG would be more appropriate. They are for people who want to quit smoking at a slow pace. They produce more vapor because of its adjustable power. People play with the smoke and also have a vaping competition to produce different and dense vape clouds. 

It is advised that if you are a starter, you should go for MTL devices which are better suited for your initial vaping experience. Keep in mind that there are some e-liquids which work better with some concentration and can ruin it with others. So, choose your e-juice carefully as it will optimize your vaping device and enhance the experience and also give a better flavor while you vape.